Hala River Boards

Atcha 8'6"

Weight: 27 lbs / Dimensions: 8'6" x 34" x 6"

All around whitewater for lighter or advanced rider

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Atcha 9'6"

Weight: 30 lbs / Dimensions: 9'6" x 36" x 6"

All around whitewater specialist board

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Weight: 31 lb / Dimensions: 10' x 34" x 6"

All around whitewater board that's a bit longer and narrower than the Atcha 9'6". It has less rocker than the Atcha, but glides a little better

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Weight: 33.5 lbs / Dimensions: 10'10" x 35" x 6"

Good for beginners, bigger water and bigger loads. Stable and tracks well, but less maneuverable than smaller boards

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Weight: 17.5 lbs / Dimensions: 6' 11"x30" x 4.75"

For the fleet of foot or park and play, good board for kids

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Weight: 24 lbs / Dimensions: 6' 11"x32" x 3+2" stack

For river surfing, but it can down river for someone light or fleet of foot

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